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  • A Few Facts About Salt Water Hot Tub Systems

    Many people are switching from using chlorine to clean their hot tubs and spas to saline (salt) solutions. There are many reasons to make the switch (fewer chemicals in the water, for example). Here are just a few facts you should know about switching to saline.

    • A salt water system (essentially) creates its own chlorine or bromine to circulate throughout the hot tub. A chlorinator or brominator cell creates the separation of sodium and chloride or sodium and bromide. This process culminates in the sterilization of your spa.
    • Some hot tub users are allergic to the chemicals in chlorinated spas. This may also be the result of ancillary by-products existing in the chlorine solution. Those who are known to be allergic or have sensitive skin may benefit from the new bromine salt water system for spas.
    • Kids love to submerge themselves underwater. Saline solution is much easier on the eyes than chlorine. This lets little ones play longer without getting red, itchy eyes.
    • Saline systems do not come cheap. Presently, saline hot tub systems are more expensive than traditional spa chlorine.
    • Saline cleaning does not warrant as much diligence, but a hot tub owner must still occasionally add acids or base to equate the pH levels in the hot tub.

    Going "green" and being more aware of our individual impact on the environment is something that increasingly concerns consumers. Certainly, using saline solution rather than chlorine to clean your hot tub is a greener way to go.

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