• Affordable Luxury: Easier Than You Think

    Affordable Luxury: Easier Than You Think

    Everyone wants to enjoy the finer things in life, but the average consumer may not consider herself able to do so. The truth is that with a good budget and smart financial planning many people can afford to treat themselves to luxury goods and experiences.

    A Tub Full of Affordable Luxury

    Hot tubs are more affordable than most people realize and making monthly payments on one is easier than one would think. Hot tubs can be as much as $15,000 or as little as $665. Money spent on pool or health club memberships can easily be re-directed to saving for a hot tub or making payments on a loan or a hot tub payment plan. Additionally, by adding a hot tub to your home, you increase the value of your property and save money on gas and time spent going to a gym or spa to use their hot tub.

    Once the tub is in your home, maintenance on it is just dollars a month. You will only need to buy a few chemicals and measure the water quality on a regular basis. It's easy to learn, easy to do, and costs very little.

    Smart Saving Solutions

    Here are some areas where you can find extra money to set aside for a hot tub:

    • Pack lunch instead of buying lunch.
    • Make coffee in the morning and use a thermos instead of spending on expensive coffee.
    • Cancel your gym membership and go running outside, climb stairs at a local parking garage, go hiking, bike to work, etc.
    • Shop at thrift stores or consignment stores for brand name garments at cheaper prices.
    • Skip going out for dinner and make healthy meals at home instead.
    • Cancel magazine subscriptions and visit the library to catch up on new issues.
    • Cancel streaming movie services and check out movies from the local library instead.
    • Get crafty and make gifts for people instead of purchasing them. Consider gifting home-cooked sweets, knitted scarves, re-purposed frames, or even gifting your time to help out parents who need a night out away from their kids or a friend who needs a dog sitter. Or, gift a skill you have, like making websites, repainting a room, a teaching a friend how to play guitar.
    • Skip the vacation and explore your home area for places and activities you've never done before.

    How Soon Can You Afford a Hot Tub?

    • How much can you redirect from memberships/other luxuries and from savings each month? (A) ________
    • How much is the hot tub you'd like to buy? (B) ________
    • (B) ________ divided by (A) ________ = ________ months until you can afford this tub Hot Tubs

    Here are a few of our lower-priced models that are low on cost but high on luxury value:

    Or view all of our tubs here, sorted by price from lowest to highest.

    If you have any questions about how to afford a hot tub from, please contact us to discuss options and ideas.

  • The Ultimate Relaxation Luxury: Hot Tubs and TVs

    Hot tub spas and televisions may be the best combination since peanut butter and jelly. How is this for true luxury living: soaking in a hot tub with while watching the game or your favorite movie. It's a pretty relaxing image, right? wants you to live that dream. Our BellaGrande SLT model hot tub is designed with a 20" television affixed to the tub itself, along with a DVD player and 4-speaker stereo system--all design for safe use in the hot tub. The tub also has 51 jets, aromatherapy options, and so much more. It's truly a luxurious retreat for the discerning consumer.

    Please note that the hot tub's electronics are all specially designed for use near water. Do not attempt to set up televisions, dvd players, stereos, or any other electronics near your hot tub on your own. Most are not designed to be used near water and are a serious electrocution hazard. The Bellagrande SLT has been designed to provide you with entertainment electronics in a safe and enjoyable way and is a much better and wiser solution than cutting corners and setting up your own system.

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