• How to Buy a Hot Tub

    You know you want a hot tub, but you aren't sure where to start. You aren't even sure what sort of questions you should be asking. Here are a few to get you started:

    One of first things a consumer should think about is where they would like to place the tub--inside or outside? Manufacturers make models suited for both locations. A bathroom or extension room may be ideal for indoors, and a back porch or yard can host a tub outdoors. Consider an area away from hanging leaves or debris.

    How big?
    Manufacturers make hot tubs for two people up to ones that can fit six or more people. You may be able to get a decent estimate with an eye, but there is a "rule of thumb." Think about each person as taking up about 70 to 80 gallons each. Multiply the intended number of occupants by 75 gallons.

    How much?
    The price of a hot tub is usually related to its size. Suppliers are always hosting hot tub sales--it is best to keep an eye out for them. A two- to four-person tub usually starts around the $4,000 price range. Like many large purchases, vendors typically offer payment plans.

    What extras?
    Hot tubs can come with a lot of "extras." Many customers are amazed to find that a hot tub purchase completely revolutionizes their backyard. Some begin building an "ambiance" in tribute to their tub. Customers have implemented spa bars, patio benches, spa sun umbrellas, and other accessories to complement their new hot tub. Think about the type of environment you'd like to create around your hot tub, and go from there.

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